Friends of Children’s Charities

HOW WE HELP       

Education in Rwanda           

We are providing support for these and other children in Rwanda. We are helping poor children at the elementary, secondary, and tertiary education levels get an education. These children are the future of Rwanda and will help rebuild their country after years of civil strife.

My name is Marie Michelle and, I’m 15 years old, and I will be starting high school soon.  For less than $3 a day, I can get the education I need to achieve my dream of becoming a teacher because I want to share my knowledge with others to help them have a better life. 

My Name is Marie Merci and I am 11 years old and in 5th grade at APAPER Primary School in Kigali, Rwanda. It costs less than $1 a day for me to attend school, but it is difficult to come up with the money I need to stay in school   My dream is to go to college, so I can get a good job and take care of myself. Your support can help me reach my goals.

My name is Trinite Iraguha, and I am 23 years old and currently studying at Mount Kenya University in Rwanda. I am majoring in management, with a concentration in Finance. My tuition is $230 for the semester.  With financial support, I will be able to complete college and reach my goal to one day work in an international bank.

Chande School & Orphanage in Zambia         

Orphanage and education center in the heart of Zambia providing shelter, care, medicine, food and education to the surrounding community.

We provided orphans at the Chande Project in Kitwe, Zambia new bedding, new beds, cabinets for their clothes, and bags with supplies to stay safe during the pandemic.

The children at Chande learn gardening skills, so they can help grow some of their own food. We provided seeds, gardening supplies, and water hoses.

The children wanted to play soccer. They usually wear rubber sandals which made it impossible for them to run around. They were so excited to get the shoes and socks, balls and goals.

Happy Birthday party for one of the orphans at Chande. He got new clothes, toys, and a birthday cake. Celebrations help to bring smiles to their faces.